I don't even think you realise how big of an impact you have had on ppl like me. I suffer from depression and anxiety however unlike you I don't have a 'valid' reason. I wasn't bullied or anything I just am I guess but because of you I have finally reached out for further help. You made me believe in myself. You made me realise that I couldn't get better if I relied on others to fix me. My first line of defense is me and I need to be there for myself when no one else is. I have been on medication for a while but my family has finally decided to give group therapy another shot for me because I think it would help if we all talked.

The only reason we are trying is because of you.

Just Another Girl

I just wanted to say thank you for coming and telling your story, it has taught me a lot about how bullying is never okay and a life long effect it can have on someone. You're inspired me to stay strong through moments like those and never think that any of it is okay, even with the abusive relationships. I've learnt that not only is it with a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend but even friendships.

It has actually got me thinking a lot deeper into things like this and how we can deal with it.

Overall, thank you so much you have inspired and taught me so much today.

Just Another Girl